West Bend L5689A Bread Maker User Manual

“COLOR” Button
: The desired browning level or the rapid function is set with this
button; light, medium, dark color or rapid function.
“LOAF” Button: The “LOAF” button adjusts the various programs for the selected
loaf size; 1lb, 1½lb or 2lb.
“MENU” Button: Use the “MENU” button to select the desired program. In general,
use the following suggested programs for the following specialties.
Menu 1: BASIC” for white, rye, potato, egg, garlic and similar breads. The “BASIC”
setting can be used for almost any bread recipe containing mostly bread flour.
Menu 2: “FRENCH” for the preparation of particularly light white and Italian breads.
Menu 3: “WHOLEWHEAT” for breads containing 50% or more whole wheat, cracked
wheat, buttermilk wheat and like breads.
Menu 4:SWEET BREAD” for preparing breads with raisins, cinnamon, apricots and
similar breads.
Menu 5: “SUPER RAPID 1½ lb.” for preparing 1½ lb. loaves in an hour.
Menu 6: “SUPER RAPID 2 lb.” for preparing 2 lb. loaves in an hour.
Menu 7: “QUICK” for quick breads that do not use yeast and require only mixing
and baking.
Menu 8: “BROWN BREAD” for preparing dark bread, pumpernickel or similar
Menu 9: “DOUGH” for the preparation of dough with no baking.
Menu 10: “BAGEL DOUGH” for the preparation of bagel dough.
Menu 11: “JAM” to cook marmalades and jams.
Menu 12: “BAKE” to bake and/or brown bread or cakes.