West Bend L5689A Bread Maker User Manual

Alert: The alert sounds;
At the pressing of any button that allows function selection. If the button doesn’t
beep, that function choice is not available.
During the second kneading cycle of the “BASIC”, WHOLEWHEAT”, “SWEET”
and “BROWN BREAD” programs to signal that the cereals, fruit, nuts or other
ingredients can be added.
When the end of the program is reached.
During the warming phase at the end of the baking procedure the alert sounds
several times.
Power Interruption
: If there is a brief power interruption of less than five minutes,
the program position is stored in memory and the machine will resume when the
power is restored.
Over-temp Error: If trying to prepare consecutive batches, an “E01” will appear in
the display when pressing start and the alert will sound if the appliance temperature
is too high. Press and hold the “START/STOP” button untl the “E01” message clears
and the basic setting appears on the display. Remove the bread pan, leave the
cover open, and allow the appliance to cool for 15-20 minutes. Only the “BAKE”
program can be started immediately after clearing the “E01” message even if the
appliance is still hot.
Although bread making seems very basic, it is a science and the proportions of
ingredients are critical. The most important step in using your bread maker is to
measure the ingredients precisely and accurately. Read the following information to
better understand the importance each ingredient plays in the bread making process.
Always make sure the ingredients are fresh.
Measure the liquid ingredients in see-through measuring cups with
accurate markings. Place the cup on a flat surface and measure at “Eye Level,” not
at an angle. All measurements must be accurate. Always use liquids between 80-
90°F (27-32°C) to assure optimal yeast activity.
Spoon the dry ingredients into the appropriate measuring cups or
spoons, and then level off with table knife. All ingredients measured in measuring
spoons and cups must be level, not rounded or heaping.
Never scoop measuring cups into dry ingredients. This will compress the
ingredients into the cup and cause the dough to be dry which will result in a short
loaf of bread.