West Bend L5689A Bread Maker User Manual

EGGS add color, richness and leavening to bread. Use only large eggs. No
premixing is needed. Egg substitutes can be used in place of fresh eggs. One egg
equals ¼ cup of egg substitute. To reduce cholesterol, you can substitute two (2)
egg whites for a large egg in the recipes without affecting the end result. Watch the
dough during the knead cycle as some minor adjustment may be needed to get the
dough to the right consistency.
SALT has several functions in making bread. It controls yeast growth while
strengthening the gluten structure to make the dough more elastic and also adds
flavor. Use ordinary table salt in your bread maker. Using too little or eliminating the
salt will cause the dough to over rise. Using too much can prevent the dough from
rising as high as it should. “Light” salt can be used as a substitute for ordinary table
salt, providing it contains both potassium chloride and sodium. Use the same
amount as recommended for table salt. When adding salt to the bread pan, add to
one corner to keep it away from the yeast, especially when using time delay as the
salt can affect the yeast activity.
YEAST is a living organism, which through fermentation, feeds on carbohydrates in
flour and sugar to produce carbon dioxide gas that makes the bread rise. Active dry,
fast rising or bread machine yeast can be used in your bread maker. Use only the
amount stated in the recipes. Using a little more can cause the dough to over rise
and bake into the top of the bread maker. Fast rising yeast and bread machine
yeast are virtually the same and interchangeable with one another. Do not use
compressed yeast as poor results may be obtained. A ¼-ounce envelope of yeast
contains 2¼ teaspoons. Yeast can also be purchased in bulk so you can measure
the exact amount needed. Once opened, keep refrigerated. Always make sure
yeast is fresh and has not passed the “Use By” date.
SPECIAL NOTE ON CINNAMON AND GARLIC: Adding too much cinnamon or
garlic can affect the texture and size of the loaf obtained. Cinnamon can break down
the structure of the dough, affecting height and texture. Too much garlic can inhibit
the yeast activity. Use only the amount of cinnamon and garlic recommended in the