AEG 44060 VIL Dishwasher User Manual

Operating instructions
Use of detergent
Only use detergents specifically designed for use in dishwashers.
Using no more then the correct amount of detergent contributes
to reducing pollution.
Prior to the start of a wash programme (not for the "Rinse and
Hold" programme). The detergent is released during the washing
Please observe the manufacturer’s dosing and storage
recommendations as stated on the detergent packaging.
Fill with detergent
1. If the lid is closed: press release button (1). The lid springs open.
2. Fill the detergent dispenser (2) with detergent.
The marking indicates the dosing levels:
20 = approximately 20 g of detergent
30 = approximately 30 g of detergent
3. All programmes with prewash need an additional detergent dose
(5/10 g) that must be placed in the prewash detergent chamber (3).
This detergent will take effect during the prewash phase.
4. Close the lid and press until it locks in place.
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