AEG 44060 VIL Dishwasher User Manual

Guarantee terms
10. Appliances that are easy to transport may be delivered or sent to the consumer
services department. Home repairs are only anticipated for bulky appliances or built-
in appliances.
11. If the appliances are built-in, built-under, fixed or suspended in such a way that
removing and replacing them in the place where they are fitted takes more than half
an hour, the costs that result therefrom will be charged for. Connected damage
caused by these removal and replacement operations will be the responsibility of the
12. If, during the guarantee period, repairing the same defect repeatedly is not
conclusive, or if the repair costs are considered disproportionate, in agreement with
the consumer, the defective appliance may be replaced with another appliance of
the same value.
In this event, we reserve the right to ask for a financial contribution calculated
according to the length of time it has been used.
13. A repair under guarantee does not mean that the normal guarantee period will be
extended nor that a new guarantee period begins.
14. We give a twelve month guarantee for repairs, limited to the same defect.
15. Except in the event where liability is legally imposed, this declaration of guarantee
terms excludes any compensation for damage outside the appliance for which the
consumer wishes to assert his rights. In the event of legally admitted liability,
compensation will not exceed the purchase price paid for the appliance.
These guarantee terms are only valid for appliances purchased and used in Belgium. For
exported appliances, the user must first make sure that they satisfy the technical
conditions (e.g.: voltage, frequency, installation instructions, type of gas, etc.) for the
country concerned and that they can withstand the local climatic and environmental
conditions. For appliances purchased abroad, the user must first ensure that they meet
the qualifications required in Belgium. Non-essential or requested adjustments are not
covered by the guarantee and are not possible in all cases.
Our consumer services department is always at your disposal, even after the guarantee
period has expired.
Address for our consumer services department:
Bergensesteenweg, 719 - 1502 LEMBEEK
Tel. 02.3630444
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