AEG 44060 VIL Dishwasher User Manual

Operating instructions
Different kinds of detergent
Detergent tablets
Detergent tablets of different brands dissolve at different speeds. For
this reason some detergent tablets cannot dissolve and develop their
full cleaning power during short programmes. Therefore please use
long programmes when using detergent tablets, to ensure the
complete removal of detergent residuals.
Do not place the tablets in the tub or in the cutlery basket as this
will result in poorer wash results. The tablets should be placed in
the detergent dispenser.
Concentrated detergent
Based on their chemical composition, dishwasher detergents can be
split into two basic types:
- conventional, alkaline detergents with caustic components.
- low alkaline concentrated detergents with natural enzymes.
The use of 50°C washing programmes in conjunction with
concentrated detergents reduces pollution and is good for your dishes;
these wash programmes are specially matched to the dirt-dissolving
properties of the enzymes in the concentrated detergent. For this
reason 50°C wash programmes in which concentrated detergents are
used can achieve the same results that can otherwise only be achieved
using 65°C programmes.
Combi detergents
If you are using dishwasher detergent that includes the rinse aid
function, thi must be placed in the detergent compartment.
In this case it is necessary to deactivate the inflow of rinse aid, in
order to avoid a double dosage (see “Deactivation/activation of the
inflow of rinse aid”).
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