AEG 44060 VIL Dishwasher User Manual

Operating instructions
7. End of the washing programme
The dishwasher will automatically stop and an audible signal
informs you of the end of the washing programme.
If the door is not immediately opened at the end of the
programme, air will circulate inside the dishwasher to prevent
residual steam recondensing on the dishes as water droplets.
This device operates intermittently for about 20 minutes, as
long as the dishwasher is switched on.
If the On/Off push button is pressed or the door is opened during
these 20 minutes, the device will be automatically cancelled.
Hot steam may escape from the appliance when opening the door
immediately after the end of the programme, therefore, open the
door carefully.
The end of programme indicator light is illuminated.
Switch off the dishwasher by pressing the On/Off push button.
8. Unloading the dishwasher
Hot dishes are sensitive to knocks. The dishes should therefore be
allowed to cool down before removing from the appliance.
Empty the lower basket first and then the upper one; this will
avoid water dripping from the upper basket onto the dishes in the
lower one.
Water may appear on the sides and the door of the dishwasher as
the stainless steel will eventually become cooler then the dishes.
When the washing programme has finished, it is recommended
that the dishwasher is unplugged and the water tap turned off.
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