AEG 44060 VIL Dishwasher User Manual

Safety instructions
The safety of AEG electrical appliances conforms to accepted rules of
technology and the Appliance Safety Act. We as manufacturers,
however, see ourselves as being obliged to familiarise you with the
following safety instructions.
It is most important that this instruction book should be retained
with the appliance for future reference. Should the appliance be
sold or transferred to another owner, or should you move house
and leave the appliance, always ensure that the book is left with
the appliance in order that the new owner can get to know the
functioning of the appliance and the relevant safety information.
This information has been provided in the interest of your safety.
You MUST read it carefully before installing or using the
Check your dishwasher for any transport damage. Never connect a
damaged machine. If your dishwasher is damaged, you should
contact your supplier.
For safety reasons it is dangerous to alter the specifications or
attempt to modify this product in any way.
Any electrical and plumbing work required to install this appliance
should be carried out by a qualified and competent person.
Care must be taken to ensure that the appliance does not stand on
the electrical supply cable.
The sides of the dishwasher must never be drilled to prevent
damage to hydraulic components.
Child safety
This appliance is designed to be operated by adults.
Children should not be allowed to tamper with the controls or play
with the product.
Packaging parts may be dangerous for children, who could even be
suffocated! You should therefore keep all packaging well away
from children.
Operating instructions
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