AEG 44060 VIL Dishwasher User Manual

Operating instructions
Starting a washing programme
In this fully integrated appliance the controls are located on the top of
the door. When selecting a programme, the door needs to be open.
1. Check that the baskets have been loaded
correctly and that the spray arms can rotate
2. Turn on the water tap
3. Press the On/Off push button
All the indicator lights of the programme selection push buttons
illuminate (setting mode).
4. Setting and starting the programme
a) To select a programme, press the programme push button of the
washing programme you wish to select (see "Washing
programmes" chart).
The corresponding indicator light remains illuminated while the
other programme push buttons indicator lights turn off.
b) To select the delay start of the programme, press the
"delay start" option push button until the indicator light
corresponding to the chosen hours flashes (3, 6 or 9 hours).
The start of the programme or the countdown of the delay start
will occur only after the closure of the door, until this moment
you can modify the selection made.
Close the dishwasher door.
a) If delay start has not been setted, the programme will start
b) If delay start has been setted, the countdown starts
automatically and will decrease with steps of 3 hours.
The opening of the door will not modify or interrupt the
countdown. Once the delay start has elapsed the programme
will start automatically.
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