AEG 44060 VIL Dishwasher User Manual

Guarantee terms
Guarantee terms (Belgium)
Our appliances are produced with the greatest of care. However, a defect may still occur.
Our consumer services department will repair this upon request, either during or after the
guarantee period. The service life of the appliance will not, however, be reduced as a
This declaration of guarantee terms is based on European Union Directive 99/44/EC and
the provisions of the Civil Code. The statutory rights that the consumer has under this
legislation are not affected by this declaration of guarantee terms.
This declaration does not affect the vendor’s statutory warranty to the end user. The
appliance is guaranteed within the context of and in adherence with the following terms:
1. In accordance with provisions laid down in paragraphs 2 to 15, we will remedy free
of charge any defect that occurs within 24 months from the date the appliance is
delivered to the first end user.
These guarantee terms do not apply in the event of use for professional or equivalent
2. Performing the guarantee means that the appliance is returned to the condition it
was in before the defect occurred. Defective parts are replaced or repaired.
Parts replaced free of charge become our property.
3. So as to avoid more severe damage, the defect must be brought to our attention
4. Applying the guarantee is subject to the consumer providing proof of purchase
showing the purchase and/or delivery date.
5. The guarantee will not apply if damage caused to delicate parts, such as glass
(vitreous ceramic), synthetic materials and rubber, is the result of inappropriate use.
6. The guarantee cannot be called on for minor faults that do not affect the value or
the overall reliability of the appliance.
7. The statutory warranty does not apply when defects are caused by:
a chemical or electrochemical reaction caused by water,
abnormal environmental conditions in general,
unsuitable operating conditions,
contact with harsh substances.
8. The guarantee does not apply to defects due to transport which have occurred
outside of our responsibility. Nor will the guarantee cover those caused by
inadequate installation or assembly, lack of maintenance or failure to respect the
assembly instructions or directions for use.
9. Defects that result from repairs or measures carried out by people who are not
qualified or expert or defects that result from the addition of non-original
accessories or spare parts are not covered by the guarantee.
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