AEG 44060 VIL Dishwasher User Manual

Operating instructions
...there are problems when operating the dishwasher
Once the checks have been carried out, to continue the programme
press push button of the programme that was running before the
intervention of the alarm and close the door. The programme will
continue from the point in which it was interrupted. If the fault code
reappears contact your local Service Force Centre.
For other combinations of fault codes not described in the above chart
will appear, please contact your local Service Force Centre.
The programme does not
Use a different brand of
The whistling is not a cause
for concern.
The dishwasher door has not
been properly closed.
Close the door.
The main plug is not plugged
Insert the mains plug.
The fuse has blown in the
household fuse box.
Replace the fuse.
For dishwasher models with
delay start option:
Delay start has been selected.
If dishes are o be washed
immediately, cancel the
delay start.
There is a whistling noise
during washing
Fault Possible cause Solutions
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