Fisher & Paykel DishDrawer Dishwasher User Manual

Cutlery Basket
Cutlery, small kitchen utensils and some plastic lids
are best placed into the cutlery basket. For best
wash performance, we recommend loading cutlery
with handles pointing down and sharp utensils with
their handles facing up, to reduce the risk of injury.
Mix spoons, knives and forks within each section, to
stop cutlery nesting together and to ensure the water
circulates freely. Keep stainless steel from touching
silver cutlery to avoid staining. Use the oval slots
(spoon rack) for spoons and teaspoons. Small items,
like plastic lids, can be placed under the spoon rack,
this will prevent them from being displaced by wash
water and falling to the bottom, where they may stop
the spray arm rotation.
The inserts and racks can be added or removed to suit your individual needs. If you have the double
model , some of the accessories are interchangeable between the two drawers. For example
you can combine the two Mega Racks into one drawer and wash all cups and glasses, leaving the other
drawer for plates and larger items.
How to install the Mega Rack
To install the Mega rack, place the outer legs of
the rack on top of the basket, and clip the Mega
rack to the side of the basket. When the Mega rack
is correctly installed it should not feel loose in the
Cup Racks
Cups, glasses and kitchen utensils can be placed on
the left and right hand side of the cup racks. For best
performance ensure there are no large items below,
blocking the wash water from reaching the cup racks.
Wine glasses can be supported on the cup racks if used
in conjunction with the Mega Rack. There are stops on
the cup rack to prevent cups from touching the
wall. Keeping cups away from the wall will
help with the dry and wash performance.
1. Basket
The basket holds some of the accessories in place and
keeps the dishes above the spray arm. Without the
inserts, large bowls and pots can be placed flat.
2. Drain Filter Access Panel
The drain filter access panel is designed to snap onto
the basket over the drain filter. This prevents objects
from touching the base of the and stopping
the rotation of the spray arm, while still giving access
to the drain filter.
3. Mega Rack
The Mega rack is designed to hold glasses, cups and
small plates.
4. Plate Insert
The plate insert supports plates and bowls.