Fisher & Paykel DishDrawer Dishwasher User Manual

Possible Causes
What to Do
Some foods, like tomato based products,
may stain the inside of the .
Pre-rinse dishes before placing in the .
Alternatively, using the Rinse program after adding
the dishes may minimize staining.
interior is stained
Incorrect loading.
Rinse agent depleted.
Rinse agent setting too low.
Eco wash program used.
Ensure the dishes are not nesting together.
Refill the rinse agent dispenser.
Increase the rinse agent setting.
Choose a standard wash program.
Dishes did not dry
Incorrect amount of detergent.
Too much egg in the wash load.
Rinse agent setting too high.
Refer to the detergent section or consult the
detergent manufacturer’s instructions.
Add detergent to the pre-rinse compartment.
Decrease the rinse agent setting.
Detergent was wet when loaded. Clean the dispenser and ensure the dispenser is dry
when adding detergent.
No detergent dispensed
The filter plate and/or spray arm is
incorrectly placed.
No water in the motor area. This usually
occurs on the first use or when the
has not been used for
long periods of time.
Refer to the user maintenance section for details on
correct placement.
Run the through a wash program.
Excessive motor noise
Drain hose disconnected from waste pipe.
Supply inlet hose not properly connected.
Other leaks.
Reconnect the drain hose to the waste pipe.
Ensure the inlet hose is connected securely.
Turn water and power supplies to the
off. Call your Fisher & Paykel dealer or Authorized
Service Agent.
Water leaking
Childlock function is on or the Closed
Drawer option is on, or both.
Turn Lock off. Hold down the LOCK button until the
‘lock’ symbol (prefinished models) or the green light
(integrated models) disappears and/or press the
POWER button to open the .
will not open
is in pause mode. Close the and press the
Intermittent beeping
A fault has occured.
Refer to the fault codes section.Continuous beeping