Fisher & Paykel DishDrawer Dishwasher User Manual

user maintenance instructions
From time to time the wash program indicator panel and its surrounds need to be cleaned to remove food particles, hard water scale and any
spillages. We recommend wiping these areas with a clean damp cloth.
We do not recommend the
use of the following cleaning
aids on your
as they may damage it:
- Plastic or stainless steel
scouring pads
- Abrasive, solvent, household
- Acid or alkaline cleaners
- Hand washing liquids or soap
- Laundry detergents or
Depending on the type of exterior finish on your , we
recommend the following:
White or Black Finish
To clean the doors wipe the doors with a damp clean cloth. Dry with
a lint-free cloth.
Iridium Finish (Matt Stainless Steel)
This new easy-clean surface requires only a mild dishwash detergent and
warm water. Take care not to wet the control panel.
Dry with a clean lint free cloth
DO NOT use proprietary “Stainless Steel” type cleaners or polishes as
these may damage the protective coating.
Never use abrasive cleaners or harsh solvents as these will
damage the Iridium surface.
Stainless Steel Finish (Brushed Stainless)
To clean the brushed stainless surface doors, stainless steel cleaners
can be used. Alternatively wipe the doors with a clean damp cloth.
Dry with a lint free cloth.