Fisher & Paykel DishDrawer Dishwasher User Manual

If the does not appear to be operating properly, check this chart below and correct where possible.
Connect the power supply.
Ensure drawer is rmly closed.
Turn Lock off. Hold down LOCK button until
the “lock” symbol (Pre nished) or green light
(Integrated) disappears.
Press START/PAUSE button.
Straighten the drain hose(s).
Clean the lter plate/drain lter. Unblock the
drain hose(s).
Refer to User Maintenance section.
Check if there is enough rinse agent in dispenser.
Increase the rinse agent setting.
Refer to section on Loading.
Refer to Wash Programs section for suitable
wash program, or the soils were too heavily
baked on & may need soaking.
Ensure no items are blocking the spray arm path.
Refer to the section on Loading.
Refer to User Maintenance section.
Detergent must be placed in the large
Scrape all food scraps off dinnerware.
Use recommended brands of dishwasher
Refer to Wash Programs section or the
detergent manufacturer’s instruction.
Clean the spray arm.
Clean filter plate and drain filter.
Refer to Accessories section for correct
We recommend the installation of a water
softener. Use detergents with a high phosphate
content and increase the dosage.
will not
Excess water in
Water marks on the
Unclean dishes
Power supply not connected.
The drawer not closed properly.
Lock feature is on.
START/PAUSE button not pressed.
Drain hose(s) bent or kinked.
Blocked lters and/or drain
Insuf cient rinse agent.
Rinse agent setting too low.
overloaded or
incorrectly loaded.
Wash program unsuitable for
the load.
Spray arm unable to rotate.
Overloading the .
Filter plate/drain lter
incorrectly inserted.
Detergent put in wrong
Excessive food not removed
off dinnerware.
Unsuitable detergent.
Not enough detergent.
Spray arm holes are blocked.
Filter plate/drain lter blocked.
Mega rack incorrectly installed.
Hard water situation.