Fisher & Paykel DishDrawer Dishwasher User Manual

If a dishwasher cleaner/descaler is used, you must run a wash
program with detergent immediately afterward to prevent any damage
to the .
Cleaning the Filter Plate
1. Ensure the is cool before you start cleaning and
follow the instructions for removing the drain filter and spray arm.
2. In the center of the filter plate, there are two rings. Hold the center
ring still and turn the outer ring counter-clockwise, about a 1/8 turn.
This will release the filter plate.
3. When cleaning the underside of the filter plate, care must be taken
on the sharp outer edge to avoid the risk of cut type injuries.
4. Remove any soil, wash in hot soapy water and rinse thoroughly in
clean water. The heater plate can be wiped with a damp cloth.
5. Replace the filter plate so it lies flat in the base of the
ensuring the filter plate is fully locked into position with
the center ring.
6. To lock the filter plate into position, ensure the lines align with each
other (refer to the diagram for the correct position). The filter plate
must not be able to move about freely.
The must be used with the filter plate, drain
filter and spray arm correctly in place.
Cleaning the Drain Filter, Spray Arm and Filter Plate
We recommend the drain filter to be cleaned whenever there is
evidence of food particles. The filter plate is designed to be self
cleaning, but food scraps may accumulate. The spray arm and filter
plate may need cleaning about once a month in normal use or more
often, should the need arise.
Spray Arm
Filter Plate
Drain Filter
Internal Parts of the
Correct Locking Position of
Filter Plate with Motor
Cleaning the Drain Filter
1. Lift up the drain filter access
panel, if fitted on the basket.
2. Lift and remove the drain filter
out of the .
3. Empty, rinse under clean
running water and replace back
into the allocated space.
4. Ensure the drain filter is flush
with the filter plate.
Cleaning the Spray Arm
1. Remove the basket carefully.
Lift from the back end first so
that you do not knock the
detergent and rinse agent
2. Lift the spray arm and shake
any foreign material out.
3. Rinse the spray arm under
water and wipe the spray arm
with a damp cloth.
4. Replace the spray arm back
onto the impeller.
Center Ring
Outer Ring