Fisher & Paykel DishDrawer Dishwasher User Manual

Introduction pg 2-3
Operating Instructions - Prefinished model pg 4-5
Operating Instructions - Integrated model pg 6-7
Accessories pg 8
Basket, Cup racks, Drain lter access panel, Mega rack,
Plate insert, Cutlery basket
Loading pg 9
Examples of how we recommend you load your
, Examples of how not to load your
Dispensers pg 10-11
Detergent dispenser, Filling the detergent dispenser,
Detergent Quantities, Rinse agent dispenser, Filling the rinse
agent dispenser
Hard and Soft Water Situations pg 11
Wash Programs pg 12
Wash descriptions for Rinse, Heavy, Normal, Fast &
Delicate, Standard & Eco program
Vacation time pg 12
Dinnerware Care pg 13
Caring for your dinnerware,
Option Adjustment Mode pg 14-15
How to enter Option Adjustment Mode, How to change the
Rinse aid setting, Auto Power Option, End of Wash Program
Beeps, Closed Drawer Option, and the Clean Dish Indicator
User Maintenance Instructions pg 16
Cleaning the
, Cleaning the drain lter, spray
arm and lter plate.
Fault Codes pg 17
How to recognize a fault code, How to attend to a fault
code, Fault code chart
Problem Solver pg 18-19
Problem solver chart, Possible causes, What to do
Important Safety Information pg 20-21
Safety & Warnings
Comparison Tests pg 21
Fisher & Paykel SmartCare Manufacturer’s Warranty pg 22
Customer Care pg 23
Installation Checklist pg 27
As an ENERGY STAR Partner, Fisher & Paykel Limited has determined that this meets the ENERGY STAR guidelines
for energy ef ciency.