Fisher & Paykel DishDrawer Dishwasher User Manual

pre wash (tsp) main wash (tsp)
Hard All** 2 6
(>150ppm or >9gpg)
Medium All** 2 4
(100-150ppm or 6-9gpg)
Soft Heavy 1 3
(<100ppm or <6gpg)
Normal 1 2
Delicate 1
Fast 1
Wash Program
Detergent Quantities
detergent dispenser
The detergent and rinse agent dispenser is located on the inside of the . The detergent dispenser has two
compartments, the pre wash compartment is the smaller and the other is for the main wash detergent. The pre wash and main
wash compartments both have markings on the inside. The pre wash compartment has one marking which represents 1 tsp, when
it is full, it holds 2 tsp. The main wash compartment has two markings, the lowest mark indicates 2 tsp, the middle mark 4 tsp and
when full it contains 6 tsp.
The detergent dispenser is designed for use with
powdered detergent. Liquid and tablet detergents
are not suitable to be used in the .
Filling the Detergent Dispenser
1. Press the latch down and the door will open.
2. Pour in detergent. No detergent is needed for the Rinse
3. After filling the compartment(s), close the dispenser
door until it clicks shut. The detergent will automatically
be released into the during the wash
a. Pre Wash Compartment
b. Main Wash Compartment
c. Salt Indicator Light
d. Salt Reservoir Cap
e. Detergent Dispenser Latch
f. Rinse Agent Indicator Light
g. Rinse Agent Plug
IMPORTANT - Only use powdered detergent
recommended for domestic automatic dishwashers. Hand
washing liquids, soap, laundry detergents or disinfectants
will damage the . Never sprinkle or pour
detergent directly onto any item in the .
closed detergent dispenser and salt reservoir
open detergent dispenser
Dishwasher detergents are strongly alkaline. They
can be dangerous if swallowed. Avoid contact
with skin and eyes. Keep children and infirm
person(s) away from the when the
drawer is open.
Water Type
Detergent Quantities
The detergent quantities suggested below are for individual
* tsp = teaspoon. 1 tsp = 5g.
** No detergent is required in pre wash compartment for the fast wash.
liquid tablets