Fisher & Paykel DishDrawer Dishwasher User Manual

water softener - for models DD603H and DS603H
Soft water is required for dishwashing to prevent the build up of scale (lime deposits) on your dishes and in your . If hard
water is used for dishwashing, you will notice glasses will become opaque, dishes will become spotted or have a white film on them and
your dishwasher will become less efficient over a period of time. Tap water above 100ppm must be softened for dishwashing for optimum
wash performance.
models DD603H and DS603H are fitted with a
water softener which is designed to remove the calcium and
magnesium ions that cause water to be ‘hard’. The water
softener will automatically remove the hardness from the water
using a salt solution. The amount of salt required will depend
on the local water hardness. Your local water company will be
able to provide you with the information on the water hardness
in your local area.
To Ensure Optimum Performance of the Water Softener
The water softener must be set to the correct local water hardness
and must always be filled with granular salt made especially for
dishwasher water softening systems. We do not recommend the use
of cooking salt like table or rock salt or pellets as they may contain
impurities that will impair or diminish the life of the water softener.
Determine the Water Hardness in Your Local Area
Identify the setting you require for your from the water hardness table below. For example, if your water hardness is
500ppm, then the water softener setting on your should be four. Refer to the Option Adjustment Mode to adjust the water
softener so that the setting corresponds to your water hardness.
If your water hardness is above 625ppm, we highly recommend you
completely fill the detergent compartment for all programs except
Rinse and the rinse agent setting be at 5. If your water hardness is
above 625ppm, the performance of your will decline.
setting Grains per Gallon (gpg) Parts per Million (ppm)
0 0 - 6 0 - 100
1 6 - 14 100 - 250
2 14 - 20 250 - 350
3 20 - 26 350 - 450
4 26 - 32 450 - 550
5 32 - 36 550 - 625