Hamilton Beach Hamilton Beach HomeBaker Breadmaker Bread Maker User Manual

Troubleshooting (cont.)
Dough is not blending
thoroughly; flour and
other ingredients are
built up on sides of pan;
bread loaf is coated with
Bread rises too high or
pushes lid up.
Bread does not rise; loaf
is short.
Bread has a crater in
the top of the loaf once
Crust color is too light.
Crust color is too dark.
Bread pan or kneading paddle may not be
installed properly.
• Too many dry ingredients.
Gluten-free dough is typically very wet. It may
need additional help by scraping sides with a
rubber spatula.
Ingredients not measured properly (too much
yeast, flour).
• Kneading paddle not in bread pan.
• Forgot to add salt.
Inaccurate measurement of ingredients or inactive
• Lifting lid during cycles.
• Dough has risen too fast.
• Too much yeast or water.
• Incorrect cycle chosen for the recipe.
• Opening the lid during baking.
• Too much sugar in the recipe.
Make sure bread pan is securely set in unit and
kneading paddle is firmly on shaft.
Make sure ingredients are measured accurately
and added in the proper order.
Excess flour can be removed from loaf once
baked and cooled. Add water, one tablespoon at
a time, until dough has formed into a ball.
Measure all ingredients accurately and make sure
sugar and salt have been added.
• Try decreasing yeast by 1/4 teaspoon (1.2 ml).
• Check installation of kneading paddle.
• Measure all ingredients accurately.
• Check expiration date of yeast and flour.
• Liquids should be room temperature.
• Measure all ingredients accurately.
• Decrease yeast or water slightly.
• Do not open lid during baking.
• Select a darker crust option (Cycles – only).
• Decrease sugar amount slightly.
• Select a lighter crust option (Cycles – only).
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