Hamilton Beach Hamilton Beach HomeBaker Breadmaker Bread Maker User Manual

Control Panel
Press CYCLE button to select your desired
cycle. The corresponding cycle number is
shown on the display.
Press CRUST button to move the arrow
to desired setting: Light, Medium, or Dark
crust. (Crust is not adjustable in Cycles ,
, , , and .)
Press the LOAF SIZE button to move the
arrow to 1.5- or 2-lb. loaf size. (Loaf size is
not an option in Cycles , , , , , ,
and .)
Use the Delay Timer feature to start the breadmaker at a later time. Press the + and – buttons
to increase the cycle time shown on the display. Add up to 13 hours including the delay time
and breadmaking cycle.
Set the Delay Time after selecting Cycle, Loaf Size, and Crust Color.
The 1.5 lb. Express, 2 lb. Express, and JAM cycles do not have a delay function.
Do not use the timer function with recipes that include dairy or other ingredients, such as
eggs, milk, cream, or cheese.
Press the START/STOP button once to start a cycle. A short beep will be heard, the colon
in the time display will begin to flash, and the cycle will start. To remove bread, press the
START/STOP button to end the baking cycle.
To cancel a cycle, press the START/STOP button for at least 2 seconds.
Preprogrammed Cycles
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