Kenmore 790.4107 Oven User Manual

Before Setting Surface Controls
Cooktop Display Windows
The cooktop controls provide a digital display for each of
the radiant surface elements located on the cooktop. Power
levels and messages are easily monitored and adjusted
using the corresponding control keypads in combination with
the window dlsplays.
The Available Power Level Settings
The cooktop control will display heat levels ranging from Hi
(Figure 1) to Lo (Figure 6) and OFF (Figure 7). The settings
between 9.5 (Figure 2) and 3.0 (Figure 3) decrease or
increase in increments of .5 (1/2). The settings between
2.8 (Figure 4) and 1.2 (Figure 5) are Simmer settings which
decrease or increase in increments of .2 (1/5) to Lo (Figure
6; lowest Simmer setting) for more precise settings at lower
heat levels.
Fig. 1 Fig. 2 Fig. 3 Fig. 4
Fig. 5 Fig. 6 Fig. 7
Sabbath Feature (Sb) Message
The cooktop display windows will show the Sb message
whenever the Sabbath feature is active (Figure 10). When
activated, the Sabbath feature works for both the oven
and cooktop together. Once the Sabbath feature is active,
changes to the heat levels for the cooktop heating elements
will not show in the displays. The cooktop will react slower
to heat level changes. See Sabbath feature section for
complete instructions.
Fig. 10
Cooktop Lockout (--)
Use the Cooktop Lockout to lock all surface elements from
being accidentally turned ON (including Warmer Zone). This
feature will only lockout the cooktop features.
To turn the Cooktop Lockout feature ON:
1. Be sure all surface element controls are OFF.
2. Press and hold Cooktop Lockout keypad until acceptance
tone sounds (about 3 seconds).
When the cooktop is locked, the cooktop locked indicator
icon will appear in the oven control display window (Fig. 11).
Hot Element Indicator Message (HE)
After using any of the radiant element positions the cooktop
will become very hot. Even after setting the controls to OFF,
the cooktop will remain hot for some time. The cooktop
control monitors the temperature of the cooktop and
displays the message "Ni:" (hot element) warning when the
cooktop is still too hot to touch (Figure 8). If the Hi: message
appears in the window, the control can still be turned on
again for use.
Fig. 8
Fig. 11
The (--) message wiii appear in the cool<top display windows
whenever the Cooktop Lockout feature is active (See Fig. 12).
Power Failure (PF) Message
The PF message (Figure 9) will be displayed whenever there
has been a power interruption to the appliance. The PF
message will disappear by itself after a few seconds.
Fig. 9
Fig. 12
If a triple beep sounds (entry error tone) instead, check
and be sure all surface elements are turned OFF before
activating the Cooktop Lockout feature.
To turn the Cooktop Lockout feature OFF:
Press and hold Cooktop Lockout keypad until acceptance
tone sounds {about 3 seconds). The cooktop locked indicator
light will turn OFF and the cooktop may be used for normal
cooking operations.
Important notes:
° If Cooktop Lockout is active and a power failure occurs,
when power is restored the cooktop will remember the
setting and remain locked.
° Starting a Flex Clean cycle will automatically turn ON the
Cooktop Lockout feature. The cooktop will remain locked
until the Flex Clean cycle is finished and the oven door
has unlocked.