Kenmore 790.4107 Oven User Manual

Setting Oven Controls
Meat Probe
When cooking meat such as roasts, hams or poultry you can
use the probe to check the internal temperature without any
guesswork. For some foods, especially poultry and roasts,
testing the internal temperature is the most effective way of
insuring that your food has been properly cooked.
Your oven wiii automatically change from cooking to keep
warm once the probe has reached the set temperature.
The following temperature settings apply to the probe
° Default: 170°F / 76°C
° Minimum: |30°F / 54°C
° Maximum: 210°F / 99°C
* Use only the probe supplied with your appliance; any other
may result in damage to the probe or the appliance.
° Be sure the probe is fully inserted into the probe
receptacle. The probe will not work properly until
correctly connected.
° Handle the probe carefully when inserting and removing
it from the food and the receptacle.
° Do not use tongs to puii the cable when inserting or
removing it from the food or the receptacle.
° Defrost your food completely before inserting the probe
to avoid damaging probe.
° Never leave or store the probe inside the oven when not
In use,
° To prevent the possibility of burns, carefully unplug the
probe using a pot holder.
Proper probe placement
° Always insert the probe so that the tip rests in the center
of the thickest part of the meat. Do not allow the probe
to touch bone, fat, gristle or the pan.
For bone-in ham or lamb, insert the probe into the center
of the lowest large muscle or joint. For dishes such as
meat loaf or casseroles, insert the probe into the center of
the food. To find the center of the food visually measure
with the probe -Fig. 1-. When cooking fish, insert the
probe just above the gill.
° For whole poultry or turkey, insert the probe into the
thickest part of the inner thigh, below the leg -Fig. 2-.
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Fig. 1
Fig. 2
Important note:
Changing how the oven reacts after reaching the target
temperature must be done before starting the cooking
To Set Meat Probe:
Prepare the food and properly insert the temperature
probe into the food. DO NOT preheat or start cooking
before properly inserting the meat probe. The probe
should be inserted into the food and receptacle while
the oven is still cool.
2. Place the prepared food on the desired oven rack
position and slide into the oven.
3. Plug the meat probe into the probe receptacle located
on the left front oven cavity top (See Fig. 3 for location
of probe receptacle).
The oven control detects if the meat probe is correctly
plugged in to receptacle and when recognized will
illuminate the probe icon in the oven control display.
To set the target temperature press MEAT PROBE
keypad once then enter the desired target internal
temperature using the numeric key pads (default setting
is 170°F/77°C)t. Press START to accept the meat probe
target temperature. Close the oven door.