Kenmore 790.4107 Oven User Manual

Setting Oven Controls
Sabbath Mode
This appliance provides special settings for use when
observing the Jewish Sabbath/Holidays. This mode will turn
off: all audible tones or visual display changes normally
provided by the oven control. BAKE is the only cooking
features available while in the Sabbath mode.
You must first set the BAKE feature and the temperature(s)
needed, the COOl( TIME option if needed before setting
the Sabbath mode. Any settings made prior to setting the
Sabbath mode will be visible in the displays.
The Sabbath mode wiii override the factory preset 12 Hour
Energy Saving mode and the appliance will stay on until
the cooking features are cancelled. If any of the cooking
features are cancelled when the appliance is in the Sabbath
mode, no audible or visual indicators will be available to
verify the cancellation.
If the oven interior lights are needed, be sure to activate
them prior to setting the Sabbath mode. Once the oven light
is turned ON and the Sabbath mode is active, the oven light
will remain on until the Sabbath mode is turned off: and the
oven lights are turned off:. The oven door will not activate
the oven interior lights when the oven door is opened or
It is recommended that any oven temperature modification
made within an active Sabbath mode be followed with 2
presses of the START key. This will insure the oven remains
ON even if an attempt is made to set the oven temperature
outside of its temperature range. If the oven temperature is
set outside of the temperature range, the oven will default
to the nearest available temperature. Try to set the desired
oven temperature again.
Should a power failure or interruption occur during the
Sabbath/Holidays, the appliance will shut OFF. When
power is restored the appliance wiii not turn back on
automatically to the original BAKE feature settings. SF
wiii appear in aii the control display panels indicating a
Sabbath mode failure. After a power failure, the food may
be safely removed from the oven while still in the Sabbath
For further assistance, guidelines for proper usage
and a complete list of models with the Sabbath
feature, please visit the web at hiip:\\www.
Setting Sabbath Made
The example below shows setting the oven to observe the
Sabbath (and Jewish holidays).
1. Press BAKE.
2 Press START
Be sure to make any additional oven setting changes
(Oven Light, Cool< Time and/or Delay Start, Warm &
Hold) before going to step 3.
3. To enter Sabbath mode, press and hold simultaneously
both the COOK TIME and DELAY START keys together
for 3 seconds (a beep wiii sound) and release.
Once properly set in Sabbath mode, SAb will show in the
oven display until the Sabbath mode is cancelled.
You may press STOP any time when setting the control or
during the cooking process.
Cancelling Sabbath mode
The example below shows how to cancel the Sabbath mode.
1. Press and hold both the COOK TIME and DELAY
START keys together for 3 seconds (a beep wiii
sound) and release.
2. Aii cooking features previously set wiii automatically
cancel once Sabbath mode has ended.
The only keys available once the appliance is set for the
Sabbath mode are BAKE, START, STOP and the numeric
You may change the oven temperature once baking has
started (Jewish holidays only). Press BAKE, enter the oven
temperature using the numeric keys and press START twice.
Remember that the oven control wlll no longer beep or
display any further changes once the oven is set in the
Sabbath mode.