Kenmore 790.4107 Oven User Manual

Setting Surface Controls
Expandable Radiant Element
The cooktop provides expandable
radiant elements located as
illustrated. Use the following
instructions when operating these
Use the ELEMENT SiZE keypad (Fig. 1) to select which
portions of the expandable element are needed for heating.
The expandable element size may be changed anytime the
element is ON.
To Operate the Expandable Radiant Element:
1. Place correctly sized cookware on the expandable
radiant element.
2. To activate press and hold the _ keypad for the
expandable element until acceptance tone sounds.
3. Press ELEMENT SiZE keypad and toggle to select the
single (Fig. 2), double (Fig. 3) or triple (Fig. 4, if available)
expandable element size setting.
4. To set power level press Hi or ko keypad and if needed
toggle the Hi or Lo keypads to adjust to the desired
power level setting. Each touch of the Hi or Lo key pad
will decrease or increase the power level by 1/2 from 9.0
through 3.0. Simmer power levels between 3.0 and 1.2 will
decrease or increase by .2 increments. Hi (Fig. 5) is the
highest power level. Lo (Fig. 6) is the lowest power level
5. Once cooking is finished, press _FNF keypad to turn the
expandable element OFF (Fig. 7).
Hot Element Indicator Message
After using any of the radiant element positions the cooktop
will become very hot. Even after setting the controls to OFF,
the cooktop will remain hot for some time. The cooktop
control monitors the temperature of the cooktop and
displays the message "HE" (hot element) warning when the
cooktop is still too hot to touch. If the HE message appears
in the window, the control can still be turned on again for
Radiant surface elements may appear to
have cooled after they have been turned of?. The glass
surface may still be hot and burns may occur if the glass
surface is touched before it has cooled sumciently.
Do not place alurnlnum foil, plastlc items
such as salt and pepper shakers, spoon holders or piastlc
wrappings on top of the range when it is in use. These
items could melt or ignite. Potholders, towels or wooden
spoons could catch fire if placed too close to the surface
Fig. 1
Fig. 2
Fig. 4
Triple element only
@ @ @
Fig. 5 Fig. 6 Fig. 7
Important notes:
If no element size is chosen when the expandable element
is turned ON, only the inner coil will heat by default.
Start most cooking operations on a higher setting and
then turn to a lower setting to finish cooking.
For emcient cooking, turn the surface element OFF
several minutes before cooking is complete. This will allow
residual heat to complete the cooking process.
A glowing red surface heating area extending beyond the
bottom edge of the cookware indicates the cookware is
too small for the surface heating area.
Radiant elements have a limiter that allows the radiant
heating element to cycle ON and OFF, even at the
HI setting. This helps prevent damage to the ceramic
cooktop. Cycling at the HI setting is normal and will occur
more often if the cookware is too small for the radiant
element or if the cookware bottom is not fiat.