Kenmore 790.4107 Oven User Manual

Setting Oven Controls
Slow Cook
The Slow Cook feature may be used to cook foods more
slowly at lower oven temperatures. Slow Cook provides
cooking results much the same way as a slow cooker or
This feature is ideal for roasting beef, pork & poultry. Slow
cooking meats may result in the exterior of meats becoming
dark but not burnt; this is normal.
Slow Cook may be set with the following options:
° Cook Time
° Cook Time and/or Delay Start
For Slow Cook two settings are available, high (Hi) or low
(Lo). The high setting is best for cooking foods from a 4 to
5 hour time period. The low setting is best for cooking foods
from a 8 to 9 hour time period.
See the example below to set a slow cool<.
1. Press SLOW COOK to choose the Hi option -Fig. 1-.
2. Press SLOW COOK again to choose the Lo option
-Fig. 2-.
3. Press START
Fig.1 Fig. 2
You may press STOP any time when setting the control or
during the cooking process.
For best results
* Completely thaw all frozen foods before cooking.
° Position multiple racks to accommodate size of cooking
utensils when cooking multiple food item.
° Add any cream or cheese sauces during the last hour of
° Do not open the oven door often or leave the door open
when checking foods. The more heat that is lost, the
longer the food will need to cool<.
* Cover the foods to keep them moist or use a loose or
vented type cover to allow foods to turn crisp or brown.
° Roasts may be left uncovered so browning can occur.
Cook times will vary depending on the weight, fat content,
bone & the shape of the roast.
° Preheating the oven will not be necessary.
° Use the recipe's recommended food temperature and a
food thermometer to determine when the food is done.
Recipe Recall
The Recipe Recall feature may be used to record and recall
your favorite recipe settings. This feature may store 1 setting
for each of the basic cooking pads. The keypads that a
recipe may be stored with are Bake, Cony Bake, Conv
Roast, Cakes Breads, Preheat and Slow Cook. This feature
will also store and recall Cook Time or Warm & Hold added
See example below to store a typical cookie recipe
(example for baking at 375°F for 9 minutes and to shut-off
Preheat ¢ the oven to the desired temperature.
1. Press BAKE.
2. Press 3 75.
3. Press START.
4. Press COOK TIME.
5. Enter the desired baking time. Press 9.
6 Press and hold START until acceptance tone sounds
(about 3 seconds).
This recipe is now stored with the Bake key pad.
Pressing the START pad after entering cooking temperatures
and times will start the oven. If you wish to store the recipes
but not start the oven press STOP after pressing the START
The Cook Time you enter does NOT include additional
time required to Preheat the oven. The oven will begin
to count down the cooking time as soon as the feature is
See example below to recall a previously stored recipe
under BAKE pad.
1. Press BAKE. The stored recipe is recalled.
2. Press START.
° Once a recipe has been stored with a keypad, the
recipe information will be recalled when pressing the
corresponding keypad in the future.
* If a recalled recipe includes Cook Time, the oven will
automatically shut-off when the Cool< Time is finished.
° To erase all recipes stored, see section for Restoring
factory default settings.