Kenmore 790.4107 Oven User Manual

Setting Oven Controls
Use the broil feature to cook meats that require direct
exposure to radiant heat for optimum browning results.
The following temperature settings apply to the broil
° Auto-suggest (default) setting: 550°F / 288°C
* Min. broil setting: 400°F / 204°C
° Max. broil setting: 550°F / 288°C
Setting Broll
See example below to set broil starting immediately with the
auto-suggest (default) setting:
Place the broiler insert on the broiler pan, then
place the meat on the insert. Remember to follow all
warnings and cautions.
Arrange the interior oven rack to rack position
recommendations. Be sure to place the prepared food
and pan directly under broil element. Leave the oven
door open at the broil stop position when broiling.
3. Press BROIL
If needed, use numeric keypads to enter a different oven
4. Press START
You may press STOP any time
when setting the control or
during the cooking process.
Be aware that the suggested broil settings table are
recommendations only. Increase or decrease broiling times,
or move to a different rack position to suit for doneness. If
the food you are broiling is not listed in the table, follow the
instructions provided in your cookbook and watch the item
For best results
* Use the recommended pans and oven rack positions for
the type of meat being prepared.
* For optimum browning results, allow the oven to preheat
5-6 minutes before placing the food in the oven.
* Do not use the broiler pan without the insert.
Do not cover the broil pan/insert with aluminum foil; the
exposed grease could ignite.
* To prevent food from contacting the broil element and to
prevent grease splattering, do not use the roasting rack
when broiling.
Should an oven fire occur, close the oven door. If the fire
continues, throw baking soda on the fire or use a fire
extinguisher. Do not put water or flour on the fire. Flour may
be explosive and water can cause a grease fire to spread
and cause personal injury.
The broil pan and its insert are available via the mail order
card. The broil pan insert contains slots that allows grease
from the meat to drain into the broil pan. Place prepared
meat on broil pan insert and then place onto broiler pan as
shown below.
Broil pan
Food Rack position Temp Cook flme in minutes Doneness
1st side 2nd side
Steak 1" thick 3rd or 4th 550°F 6 4 Rare
3rd or 4th 550°F 7 5 Medium
3rd or 4th 550°F 8 7 Weii
3rd or 4th 550°F 8 6 Well
3rd 450 ° F 20 10 Weii
450°F 8 6 Weii
500°F 13 0 Weii
550°F 5 0 Well
550°F 9 7 Medium
550°F 10 8 Weii
Pork chops 3/4" thick
Chicken-bone in
Chicken-boneless 3rd or 4th
Fish 3rd
Shrimp 3rd
Hamburger 1" thick 3rd or 4th
3rd or 4th
Rack positions