Kenmore 790.4107 Oven User Manual

Warmer Drawer
Proof Bread
The warmer drawer has a Proof Bread feature that may be
used to prepare bread dough. The recommended length
of time to keep the bread dough in the warmer drawer is
about 45-60 minutes. Be sure however to follow the recipe's
recommended times.
Since the bread dough will nearly double in volume be sure
to place the prepared dough in a large bowl. Arrange the
warmer drawer rack in the downward position (See Fig. 1)
and place the bowl with dough on the warmer drawer rack.
Fig. 1
To set Proof Bread using warmer drawer:
1. Arrange the warmer drawer rack in warmer drawer
(See Fig. 1) and place bread dough in a large bowl on
warmer drawer rack. Close warmer drawer.
2. Press ON/OFF keypad to turn ON warmer drawer.
3. Press Lo keypad once set warmer drawer to Lo power
4. Press Lo keypad again to activate Proof Bread feature.
The Proof Bread indicator light will glow when the Proof
Bread feature is active (See Fig. 2).
5. When the bread dough is ready_ press the ON/OFF
keypad to turn the warmer drawer off: and remove bread
dough from warmer drawer.
Warmer Drawer Settings
The recommended warmer drawer food settings are shown
in Fig. 3. The settings provided are meant to be used as a
recommendation only. If a particular food item is not listed,
start with a medium setting. If more crispness is desired°
remove the lid or aluminum foil from the food.
Most foods may be maintained at serving temperatures
using a medium heat setting. When a combination of foods
are to be kept warm (for example° a meat with 2 vegetables
and rolls) use a high setting.
Warmer drawer recommended food settings
Food Item Setting
Bacon Hi
Hamburger patties Hi
Poultry Hi
Pork chops Hi
Fried foods Hi
Pizza Hi
Gravies medium
Casseroles medium
Eggs medium
Roasts (beef_ pork or lamb)
Vegetables medium
Biscuits medium
Rolls (hard) medium
Pastries medium
Rolls (soft) Lo
Empty dinner plates Lo
Fig. 3
important notes:
Do not use plastic wrap to cover food. Plastic may melt
on the warmer drawer and be very difficult to clean up.
Only use utensils and cookware recommended by the
manufacturer for use in the warmer drawer.
Always start with hot food when using the warmer drawer.
DO NOT heat cold food in the warmer drawer.
° To minimize heat Ioss_avoid opening warmer drawer
frequently while in use.
° Flex Clean can not be set when the warmer drawer is
° If Proof Bread indicator light turns on when setting the
heat level press Hi keypad to toggle back to the three
warmer drawer settings.
Warmer Drawer
Fig. 2