Kenmore 790.4107 Oven User Manual

Getting Started
Setting Clock at Power Up
You will be prompted to enter the time of day in the event
of a power failure or when you first provide electric power
to your appliance.
° When your appliance is first powered up, 12:00 wiii flash
in the display.
° Enter the time of day using the numeric key pads and
press START to set.
If an invalid time of day is entered, the control will triple
beep. Re-enter a valid time of day and press START. If
STOP is pressed your clock will start with the time set for
Select the CLOCK Q key to modify the time of day during
other situations such as day light savings.
Setting Timer
The timer provided with the oven control serve as extra
reminders in the kitchen. When the timer reaches less than 1
minute the display will start to count down in seconds. When
the time runs out the active timer will beep, and "End" will be
The following time settings apply to the timers:
° Min. time: 1 minute
° Max. time: 11 hours 59 minutes
See example below to set the timer for 5 minutes:
2. Enter 5 minutes
3. Press START
To cancel or end the timer, press the TIMER SET/OFF key
NOTE: The timer(s) will not affect the cooking process.
Preheat Temperature Display
Once a cooking feature has been started, the control wiii
display the actual oven temperature while preheating. Once
the oven reaches the oven set temperature, only the oven set
temperature will be displayed.
The preheat temperature display is available with the
following cooking modes:
* Baize
° Conv Baize
Setting Oven Lockout
The Oven Lockout feature automatically locks the oven door
and prevents the oven from being turned on. It does not
disable the dock, Timer or the interior oven lights.
See example below to lock the oven.
To lock, press and hold OVEN LOCKOUT for 3 seconds.
To unlock, press and hold OVEN LOCKOUT for 3 seconds.
DOOR LOCKED will flash in the display until the door has
finished locking. Once the door has been locked the door
lock indicator will turn on. DOOR LOCKED will then stay
Do not attempt to open the oven door while the door lock
indicator is flashing.
To Set Add 1 Minute Feature
The ADD 1 MINUTE pad is used to set the Add 1 Minute
feature. When the pad is pressed, 1 minute is added to the
Timer feature if this feature is already active. If the Timer
feature is not active and the pad is pressed, the Timer
feature wiil become active and wiil begin counting down
from 1 minute. For further information on how to set the
Timer feature see Timer instructions above.