Oster deluxe bread and dough maker Bread Maker User Manual

Important Measuring Tips
Because each ingredient plays such a specific role, it is especially
important to measure the ingredients exactly to get the best results.
For dry ingredients, use a standard measuring spoon or measuring cup --
not a tableware spoon or coffee cup -- and level off. For flour, simply
the flour into a measuring cup and level off with a flat kitchen utensil.
For liquids, fill a standard measuring spoon or measuring cup to the level
indicated. Check your cup measurement by placing the measuring cup on a
flat surface.
For solid fats, fill a standard measu’ring spoon or measuring cup to the level
indicated and level off with a kitchen utensil.
Last Things Last!
You’ll see this tip in several places in this book, but it bears repeating:
Always put
liquids in first, the dry ingredients in next, and the yeast last. Before adding the
dig a shallow hole in the dry ingredients and place the yeast in the hole so that there’s
absolutely no contact between the liquids and the yeast. You don’t want the yeast to
activated too soon in the process. This is especially important when you’re using the
bake option.
Adding Fruits and Nuts
Fruits and nuts are added later, after the machine has completed the first knead. The
machine will beep three times to let you know it is time to add fruit or nuts. If they are
added before the fruit nut beep, the fruit will be pureed due to excessive kneading.
If fresh fruits or perishable ingredients are called for in a recipe, (i.e., eggs,
cheese, milk) do not use the Delay bake option.