Oster deluxe bread and dough maker Bread Maker User Manual

Before You Start
We’ve designed the
Dough Maker to be
Oster Deluxe Bread and
easy to use. But, like any
kitchen appliance, it requires proper use and
Using Your Bread Maker Safely
Before Use
1. Read all instructions.
2. Make sure to remove all foreign matter from the
baking pan.
3. Peel off plastic film from control panel and remove
static labels.
4. Plug the Bread Maker into a properly wired outlet.
While in Use
1. The temperature is very hot during operation. Be
careful to keep your hands and face away from the
2. Do not open the lid or remove the bread pan during
operation except as indicated by the fruit/nut beep.
The beep sounds three times, indicating that it is time
to add fruit, nuts, or other ingredients to the baking
Do not place anything on the Bread Maker lid. Do
cover vents.
Where to Use
only on a stable, heat-resistant surface.
Do not use the Bread Maker where it will be
exposed to direct sunlight or other heat sources,
such as a stove or oven.
Keep the Bread Maker out of the reach of
children -- it’s hot! Also, if any buttons are
accidentally touched during operation, baking
may stop.
4. Place the unit at least two inches away from
walls. If you do not, walls may become
After Use
mitts or a pot holder when taking out
the bread pan after baking.
2. Make sure to disconnect the power by unplugging
the unit. Allow the Bread Maker to cool down
before storing.
3. Read instructions before cleaning. Do not
immerse the unit in water. This will cause electric
shock and/or damage to the unit.