Barco K5960008-03 Frozen Dessert Maker User Manual

12 __________________________________________________________Barco - DCMS - User Manual
About DCMS
When calibration is done with external computer graphics, please restore all color settings of
the host’s graphics controller to their default value and disable any host services that may
affect the color of the output picture.
3.3.2 Display
Each pixel of the display has 3 sub-pixels. These sub-pixels each have a color
that corresponds with the three wavelengths for which the human eye is the
most sensitive. These colors are red, green and blue (RGB). Each of these sub-
pixels typically has 256 discrete levels. Colors are reproduced by combinations
of these three primary colors.
Gamma is the perceptual linearity of light. Gamma is expressed by a power
Color temperature (or white point) is the ‘color’ of white. We say that the display
has a warm white point or color temperature if the white of the display is
reddish. The display has a cold or cool white point or color temperature if the
white of the display is bluish. The color temperature or white point is expressed
as coordinates in a color space (for example: xy values in CIE1931xyY space) or
the temperature in degrees Kelvin at which a black body gets this color.
Contradictory, we speak of warm white when the color temperature is low (for
example: 3200K) and cold white when the color temperature is high (for
example: 9300K). Daylight has a color temperature of 6500K.
Gray tracking is keeping the color temperature constant for all gray levels
between black and white.
The brightness (light intensity of full white) is also calibrated as the power
applied to the backlights. If the brightness target is set lower than the dimming
capabilities of the backlight driver then additional dimming can be applied in the
video if the display supports this function.
3.3.3 Sensor
The sensor used for calibration is the Barco USB color sensor (not sold
separately). This sensor has a USB interface to the host PC running the DCMS
application. Accuracy of the sensor is < 0.005 xy in CIE1931xyY color space.
Luminance accuracy is < 5%. The sensor is shipped with a suction cap to attach
the sensor to the monitor and a pod for dark current calibration of the sensor.