Barco K5960008-03 Frozen Dessert Maker User Manual

Barco - DCMS - User Manual __________________________________________________________ 3
1.1 Contents of the user manual
This guide consists of the following chapters:
Chapter 1: About
Chapter 2: Important notice
Chapter 3: About DCMS
Chapter 4: Installing DCMS
Chapter 5: Connecting the components
Chapter 6: Running the DCMS application
Chapter 7: Display connection and calibration options
Chapter 8: Calibration process
Chapter 9: Verification
Chapter 10: The log file
Chapter 11: List of abbreviations
Chapter 12: Appendix A: Open Source Software
Chapter 13: Appendix B: Specifications
1.2 Change record
Revision Date Description
00 March-08 Initial Release
01 May-08 Added/changed RS232 connection issues
02 July-09 Added NSL-4601
03 April-10 Software update V1.03