Barco K5960008-03 Frozen Dessert Maker User Manual

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Running the DCMS application
6.2 Using DCMS
6.2.1 Proper use and general remarks
Store the sensor at the same ambient temperature as the display, facing
down in the sensor pod.
When placing the sensor on the test patch, lead the cable over the top of the
display. Use the contra weight on the USB cable of the sensor to balance the
weight of the sensor. This prevents damage to the sensor if the suction cup
would release its grip.
If the suction cup does not hold, slightly moisten the suction cup.
Allow displays a warm up time of a few hours to stabilize before calibrating
6.2.2 Calibrate a display
In this section we will calibrate a display to a set of target values. Calibrating
several displays is just a matter of repeating these steps for each of the displays
that need calibration.
Figure 21: Display calibration
Step 1: Connection and startup
Physically connect the display via serial connection to the host. Refer to the
documentation of the display for pin-out of the serial port.
Connect the USB sensor to the host.
Start the DCMS application.
Step 2: Calibration and serial communication
Select the display type, serial port number, baud rate and monitor ID
(Default monitor ID is 1). Press ‘Connect’ and verify in the connection status
field that the connection to the display says ‘CONNECTED’.
Start the sensor calibration routine by pressing ‘Calibrate…’. Follow the
instructions of the calibration dialog as mentioned in the “User Interface,