Barco K5960008-03 Frozen Dessert Maker User Manual

Barco - DCMS - User Manual _________________________________________________________ 47
Display connection and calibration options
7.5 NSL-4601
The Barco NSL-4601 displays can be connected to the host by means of a 3-wire
straight (Rx-Rx, Tx-Tx, GND-GND) male-female cable. This cable is provided in
the DCMS package.
For a single display calibration
Connect the RS cable (delivered with DCMS) and the signal cable (RGB/DVI)
to the NSL-4601 display. Disconnect all other cables (e.g. DVI out).
Make sure the display is set as master display.
For the calibration of a display in a wall structure
Connect the RS cable (delivered with DCMS) to the master display
Make sure that you can display the BCM dialog on the to be calibrated dis-
play in the wall.
See BCM manual for more detailed information about the BCM software
Calibration options
Figure 28: DCMS with NSL-4601
The NSL-4601 displays support all the functionality of DCMS. Note that the
option to set the mid gray color is disabled. Mid gray calibration is not needed as
a full gray tracking is done. Gray tracking is done with the help of high precision
look-up tables embedded in the display and programmed by DCMS.