Barco K5960008-03 Frozen Dessert Maker User Manual

28 __________________________________________________________Barco - DCMS - User Manual
Running the DCMS application
Press the ‘Calibrate Sensor’ button to start calibration. This process takes about
10 seconds to complete.
After successful connection and calibration of the sensor, the progress bar of the
Sensor Calibration dialog will color green and show ‘Calibration passed’. The
Status field of the Sensor panel will color green and show ‘CALIBRATED’. If
connection or calibration failed, both progress bar and Status field will color red
and show ‘CALIBRATION FAILED’ and ‘NOT CALIBRATED’. The calibration will fail
if the sensor is not plugged in or if the sensor is placed on a bright surface.
Press the ‘Close’ button to return to the main application.
For optimal performance of the sensor it is necessary to place the sensor on a black and dark-
ened surface or place the sensor in the sensor pod. An incorrect calibration of the sensor leads
to invalid results. If the sensor is taken from a cold storage room, allow the sensor to acclima-
tize to the ambient temperature before use.
A recalibration of the sensor is required in the following conditions:
the sensor was disconnected
the ambient temperature has changed
the last calibration of the sensor is more than a few hours old
Single measurement
For various reasons, the user may wish to know the color coordinates and
luminance of a test patch on a display. This function is provided under ‘Single
Measurement’. This button hides a dialog box. Place the sensor on the sample
and press ‘Measure’. When the measurement is done, the progress bar will stop
running and the color coordinates and luminance are shown. Press ‘Close’ to
return to the main application window. The measurement is done in CIE1931xyY
color space.
Figure 7: Single measurement