West Bend L4805 Bread Maker User Manual

to flash. The dough will begin to mix, then be kneaded and allowed to rise before being
stirred down. At this time, 0:00 will appear in the display and an audible alert will sound
to let you know the dough is done. Remove the dough from the pan and follow recipe
directions to complete the recipe. The bread maker will automatically turn itself off after
the dough cycle is complete and the red ON light will go out. Unplug cord from electrical
outlet after cycle is complete.
HOW TO USE DELAY START TIMER: The Delay Start Timer can be used at BOTH
BREAD settings as well as the DOUGH setting. Follow steps 1-5 for Making Bread or
Steps 1-4 for making Dough . Use only recipes with the symbol with the delay start
timer as these recipes contain non-perishable ingredients that will not spoil when left at
room temperature for several hours before the dough making process begins.
NEVER USE PERISHABLE INGREDIENTS (milk, eggs, cheese, yogurt, etc.) WITH
After completing above-mentioned steps, continue with steps below:
1. After the Bread Select and Bread Color choices have been made (with
exception of Dough), determine the number of hours and minutes between
the time you will start the bread maker to the time you wish to have the
bread or dough ready.
For Example: You have selected the Basic/Specialty Setting, Medium crust color and
the process time of 3:10 appears in the display. The time you are starting the bread maker
is 9:00 pm and you wish to have the bread finished at 7:00 am, which is 10 hours away.
Hold down the Up Timer button, which will scroll the time up in 10 minutes increments
until 10:00, appears in the display. If you go past 10:00, use the Down Timer button to
scroll down in 10-minute intervals. NOTE: Whatever bread or dough selection you make,
the process time will appear in the display and you begin to count up in time from that
point as the bread/dough process time is a part of the total delay start time. The maximum
time that can be programmed into the timer is 13 hours.
2.Press START/STOP button once to turn bread maker on. The red ON
light will come on, the colon between hours and minutes will flash and
the timer will count down by 1-minute intervals. When the timer
counts down to the bread or dough select process time (3:10) as in
above example, the bread making process will begin. When the
bread/dough is done, 0:00 will appear in the display and an audible alert will sound to let
you know it is done. If in the bread mode, the bread maker will automatically go into the
Keep Warm mode for up to 3 hours or until the bread maker is turned off. If in the
Dough mode, the bread maker will automatically turn itself off when the dough is
complete. Unplug cord from electrical outlet. Remove bread or dough from bread maker.
Always use potholder or oven mitt when removing hot bread pan from bread maker after
baking. Cool loaf on rack 15 to 30 minutes before slicing.