West Bend L4805 Bread Maker User Manual

9.IN THE EVENT OF A POWER OUTAGE, the bread maker will turn off
automatically and remain off when power is restored. If this occurs, you will need to
remove the contents from the bread pan and start over using fresh ingredients. The red
ON signal light will go off in the display to let you know the bread maker is not in
10. DO NOT COVER bread maker with anything during operation as this can cause
11. DO NOT TOUCH Control Panel Buttons after bread maker has been turned ON as
this will interrupt the cycle. Turn bread maker OFF after completion of cycle.
12. DO NOT LEAVE bread maker plugged into electrical outlet when not in use to
prevent it from accidentally turned ON.
KNOW YOUR INGREDIENTS: Although bread making seems very basic, it is a
science and proportions of the ingredients are critical. Read the following information to
better understand the importance each ingredient plays in the bread making process. Also,
always make sure your ingredients are fresh.
FLOUR is the main ingredient used in making bread and provides structure as well as
food for the yeast. Several different types of flour can be used in your bread maker, but
Bread Flour, if available, is the preferred flour to use in your bread maker as it contains
more gluten-forming proteins than all-purpose flour and will provide tall, well formed
loaves with good structure. Several different brands of bread flour may be available for
use in your bread maker.
All purpose flour may be used in your bread maker if bread flour is not available. Slightly
shorter loaves may be obtained when using all-purpose flour. Even though all-purpose
flour may be pre-sifted, you may wish to sift it yourself before measuring for best results.
Whole Wheat Flour can be used in your bread maker at the special WHOLE WHEAT
bread setting. Whole wheat flour contains the entire wheat kernel, including the bran and
germ, therefore breads made with 100% or a high percentage of whole wheat flower will
be lower in height and heavier in texture than bread made with bread flour. The WHOLE
WHEAT bread setting on you’re bread maker features longer kneading to better develop
the structure of whole wheat bread for optimum results.
Rye Flour can be used in combination with all purpose or bread flour in the preparation
of rye or pumpernickel bread. It cannot be used alone as it does not contain enough
protein to develop adequate gluten for structure.
Special Notes on Flour: All flours are affected by growing conditions, milling, storage,
humidity and even the manufacturer. While not visibly different, you may need to make
some minor adjustments when using different brands of flour as well as compensating for