West Bend L4805 Bread Maker User Manual

5. Dark Crust Color. Dark crust setting used. Use Light or Medium crust color
setting the next time.
6. Loaf of Bread is Burned. Bread maker Call number listed on front of book
malfunctioning. or on back of bread maker for
service information.
7. Crust Too Thick. Bread baked too long. Use lighter crust color setting the
next time to shorten bake time.
8. Flat Loaves, No Rising. Yeast omitted. Assemble ingredients as listed in
Yeast too old. Check expiration date.
Liquid too hot. Use lukewarm liquid, 90-100° F.
Too much salt added. Use amount recommended.
Sugar or other Assemble ingredients as listed in
sweetener omitted. recipe.
If using timer, yeast got Push dry ingredients into corners
wet before bread making of pan and make slight well in
process started. center of dry ingredients for yeast to
protect it from liquids.
9. Short Loaves. Typical for 1 pound loaves Normal situation, no solution
(under 5 inches) and recipes using whole
wheat flour.
Not enough liquid. Increase liquid by 1 tablespoon.
Sugar omitted or not Assemble ingredients as listed in
enough added. recipe.
Wrong type of flour used. Use type of flour recommended.
Not enough yeast used Measure amount recommended
or too old. and check freshness date on
Wrong type of yeast used. Use correct type of yeast, especially
important for bread machine/fast-
rising yeasts.