Elta MW170G Microwave Oven User Manual

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To grill food, place it on a grill lattice and place that on the rotation plate.
Food/meal Amount in grams Power level Time in minutes Note
Toast bread / 11mm 4 Slices Grill Grill for about Preheat the device
3 1/3 (each side) for about 5 minutes.
Beef steak Grill for about 500 Grill ca. 50 Preheat the device
(4 pieces) for about 5 minutes and
flip the steaks after
about 25 minutes.
Chicken legs ca. 240 Grill ca. 48 Preheat the device for
about 5 minutes and flip
the chicken after about
24 minutes.
Note: You can also broil previously heated foods with the grill function.
When using the combined operation function, place the food in a suitable container and place that on the rotation plate.
Then select combination 1, 2 or 3 and set the time respectively.
•Please also abide by the Safety Advice.
•Disconnect the plug from the power outlet and allow the device to cool down.
•Never immerse the device in water.
•Use only mild detergents, and do not use abrasive liquids, benzene, metal brushes or scratching objects
for cleaning.
•Rotation plate and ball bearing can be removed for cleaning.
•Clean the inside of the microwave with a mild detergent and soft cloth, then dry with cloth.
•Make sure to remove any dirt or other contaminations from the door or its sealing. Carefully remove any
dirt with warm water and detergent and then dry thoroughly with clean cloths.
•Should oil or soup of any kind have squirted inside the microwave, immediately remove this after
occurrence, as this may cause smoke during next use. Squirted meals can be a fire hazard!
•Properly re-install the ball bearing and the rotation plate.
•Clean the outside of the microwave with a moist cloth and mild detergent.
Operational voltage : 230V~ 50Hz
Power output : 700W microwave power
800W Grill
Microwave Volume : 17 l
Do not dispose of this product in the usual household garbage at the end of its life cycle; hand it
over at a collection point for the recycling of electrical and electronic appliances. The symbol on
the product, the instructions for use or the packing will inform about the methods for disposal.
The materials are recyclable as mentioned in its marking. By recycling, material recycling or other forms of re-
utilization of old appliances, you are making an important contribution to protect our environment.
Please inquire at the community administration for the authorized disposal location.
Before delivery our devices are subjected to rigorous quality control. If, despite all care, damage has occurred
during production or transportation, please return the device to your dealer. In addition to statutory legal rights,
the purchaser has an option to claim under the terms of the following guarantee:
For the purchased device we provide 2 years guarantee, commencing from the day of sale. During this period
we will remedy all defects free of charge, which can be demonstrably attributed to material or manufacturing
defects, by repair or exchange.
Defects which arise due to improper handling of the device and malfunctions due to interventions and repairs
by third parties or the fitting of non-original parts, are not covered by this guarantee.
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