Miele 9255950 Dishwasher User Manual

Correct installation
The dishwasher must be installed and connected in compliance
with the diagram supplied.
Take care, both before and during installation of the
dishwasher, not to cut yourself on the metal parts. Danger
of injury. Wear protective gloves.
The dishwasher must be correctly aligned to ensure problem-free
In order to ensure stability, built-under and integrated
dishwashers must only be installed under a continuous worktop
which is secured to adjacent cabinetry.
If you want to convert your freestanding dishwasher to a
built-under ("U") model, you will need to order the appropriate
conversion kit. If you remove the existing plinth, you must replace it
with a U-model plinth. This is necessary to avoid the risk of injury
caused by protruding metal parts.
The door springs must be adjusted equally on both sides. They
are correctly adjusted when the door remains stationary when left
open at 45°. It is important that the door is held in place by the
springs and cannot fall open.
Warning and Safety instructions