Miele 9255950 Dishwasher User Manual

Rinse aid
Rinse aid is necessary to ensure water
does not cling and leave marks on
crockery during the drying phase and
helps crockery dry faster after it has
been washed.
Rinse aid is poured into the storage
reservoir and the amount set is
dispensed automatically.
Inadvertently filling the rinse aid
reservoir with powder or liquid
detergent will always cause serious
damage to the reservoir.
Alternatively, it is possible to use
Household vinegar with a max. 5%
acid content
Liquid citric acid with up to 10% acid
The resulting rinsing and drying quality
will not, however, be as good as when
rinse aid is used.
Do not use vinegar with a higher
acid content (e.g. vinegar essence
containing 25% acid). This would
damage the dishwasher.
If you only ever use combination
products containing rinse aid in your
dishwasher, you do not need to add
rinse aid.
Adding rinse aid
^ Press the button on the lid of the
rinse aid reservoir in the direction of
the arrow until the flap springs open.
Before using for the first time