Miele 9255950 Dishwasher User Manual

Interrupting a programme
A programme is interrupted as soon as
the door is opened.
If the door is closed again, the
programme will continue from the point
it was at before the door was opened.
Water in the dishwasher may be
hot. Danger of scalding.
Only open the door if absolutely
necessary and exercise extreme
caution when doing so. Before
closing the door again, leave it ajar
for approx. 20 seconds. This will
enable the temperature in the wash
cabinet to settle. Then close the
door firmly making sure that it clicks
into place.
Changing a programme
If the detergent dispenser flap has
already opened, do not change the
If a programme has already started and
you wish to change it, proceed as
Open the door.
Switch the dishwasher off using the
On/Off button K.
Switch the dishwasher on again with
the On/Off button K.
^ Select the programme required with
the programme selector button.
^ Start the programme by closing the
The In-operation indicator light comes
on to show that a programme has been