Miele 9255950 Dishwasher User Manual

Switching on
Open the stopcock, if it is closed.
Open the door.
Make sure the spray arms are not
Switch the dishwasher on with the
On/Off button K.
One of the programmes will appear in
the display and the appropriate
indicator light will come on.
After a short while, the estimated
programme duration for the programme
selected will appear in the display.
Selecting a programme
Choose your programme according to
the type of load and how dirty it is.
The different programmes and their
uses are described in the Programme
chart later on in this booklet.
^ Select the programme required with
the programme selector button.
The indicator light next to the selected
programme will come on.
You can now select additional
functions (see "Additional functions").
Starting the programme
Start the programme by closing the
The In-operation indicator light comes
on to show that a programme has
If any additional functions are selected,
the appropriate indicators will also light
A programme can only be cancelled
in the first few minutes. Otherwise
the programme must continue to the
end so that important programme
stages (e.g. reactivating the water
softener) are not omitted.