Miele 9255950 Dishwasher User Manual

Add rinse aid only until it is visible in
the opening.
The rinse aid reservoir holds approx.
110 ml.
^ Close the flap firmly so that it clicks
into place. Otherwise water can enter
the rinse aid reservoir during a
^ Wipe up any spilled rinse aid. This
prevents over-foaming occurring
during the next programme.
You can adjust the rinse aid dosage
for best results (see Settings menu,
Rinse aid).
Replenish rinse aid message
When the ( Replenish rinse aid
message appears, the reservoir
contains sufficient rinse aid for2-3
programmes only.
Add rinse aid in plenty of time.
Confirm by pressing the middle
The "Replenish rinse aid" message will
go out.
If you only ever use combination
products containing salt and rinse
aid in your dishwasher, you can
switch the reminders off if you wish
(see "Settings menu - Replenish salt
and rinse aid reminders").
If you switch to using detergent that
does not contain salt or rinse aid, it
is important to remember to
replenish the salt and rinse aid and
to switch the reminders back on.
Before using for the first time