Miele 9255950 Dishwasher User Manual

Upper basket
For safety reasons, do not
operate the dishwasher without the
upper and lower baskets in place
(except when running the
Tall items
65 °C
programme, if available).
^ Use the upper basket for small,
lightweight and delicate items such
as cups, saucers, glasses, dessert
bowls, etc. Shallow pans or casserole
dishes can also be placed in the
upper basket.
Long items such as soup ladles,
mixing spoons and long knives
should be placed lying down across
the front of the upper basket.
Hinged spikes
The rows of spikes can be lowered to
make more room for larger items such
as casserole dishes.
^ Press the yellow lever downwards a,
and then lower the spikes b.
Hinged cup rack
^ To make room for tall items, raise the
rack upwards.
Glasses can be arranged along the cup
rack to give them some support during
the programme.
Lower the cup rack and lean the
glasses against it.
Loading the dishwasher