Miele 9255950 Dishwasher User Manual

MultiComfort area
The rear section of the lower basket is
used for washing cups, glasses, plates,
pots and pans.
The glass rack can be raised to make
more room for tall items.
Stem glassware, e.g. wine glasses or
champagne flutes, can be leaned
against the glass rack or suspended
from it.
The height of the glass rack is
Slide the glass rack to the desired
height until the catches click into
place at the top.
Hinged spikes (depending on model)
The spikes at the front are used for
washing plates, soup bowls, platters,
dessert bowls and saucers.
Both rows of spikes can be lowered to
make more room for large items, e.g.
pots, pans and dishes.
^ Press the yellow lever downwards a,
and then lower the spikes b.
Loading the dishwasher