Miele 9255950 Dishwasher User Manual

Disposal of the packing
The transport and protective packing
has been selected from materials which
are environmentally friendly for disposal
and should be recycled.
Ensure that any plastic wrappings,
bags, etc. are disposed of safely and
kept out of the reach of babies and
young children. Danger of suffocation.
The packaging consists of the following
Outer packaging:
Corrugated cardboard made from up
to 100% recyclable material:
or: Polyethylene (PE) shrink wrap
Polyproplylene (PP) strapping
Inner packaging:
Chlorine and fluorine free expanded
polystyrene (EPS)
Base, lid frame and support battens
made from untreated natural wood
from renewable forests
Polyethylene (PE) protective wrap
Disposal of your old appliance
Electrical and electronic appliances
often contain materials which, if
handled or disposed of incorrectly,
could be potentially hazardous to
human health and to the environment.
They are, however, essential for the
correct functioning of your appliance.
Please do not therefore dispose of it
with your household waste.
Please dispose of it at your local
community waste collection / recycling
centre or contact your dealer for
Ensure that it presents no danger to
children while being stored for
To enable sorting by type of plastic for
recycling, all plastic parts of the
appliance are labelled with international
standard symbols.
Caring for our environment