Miele 9255950 Dishwasher User Manual

Correct use
Do not use solvents in the dishwasher. Danger of explosion.
Do not inhale or ingest dishwasher detergent. Dishwasher
detergents contain irritant or corrosive ingredients which can cause
burning in the nose, mouth and throat if swallowed, or inhibit
breathing. Seek medical attention immediately if detergent has been
swallowed or inhaled.
Avoid leaving the door open unnecessarily, as you could trip over
Dishes can be very hot at the end of the programme.
Allow them to cool until they are comfortable enough to handle
before unloading.
Do not sit or lean on the opened door. This could cause the
dishwasher to tip and be damaged, and you could get injured.
Only use detergent and rinse aid formulated for domestic
dishwashers. Do not use washing-up liquid.
Do not use commercial or industrial detergents as these may
cause damage, and there is a risk of severe chemical reaction.
Warning and Safety instructions