Miele 9255950 Dishwasher User Manual

Safety with children
Children under 8 years of age must be kept away from the
appliance unless they are constantly supervised.
Children 8 years and older may only use the dishwasher if they
have been shown how to use it in a safe way and understand the
hazards involved.
Children must not be allowed to clean or maintain the appliance
Keep very young children away from it at all times and supervise
them whilst you are using it. To prevent the risk of injury, do not allow
them to play with it or use the controls. There is a danger that
children playing might shut themselves in the dishwasher.
Keep children away from detergents. Dishwasher detergents
contain irritant and corrosive ingredients which can cause burning in
the mouth, nose and throat if swallowed, or inhibit breathing. Keep
children away from the dishwasher when the door is open. There
could still be detergent residues in the cabinet.
Seek medical attention immediately if your child has swallowed or
inhaled detergent.
Warning and Safety instructions